A safe and humane deterrent proven effective deterring woodpeckers, geese, seagulls and pigeons!

Great for beaches, boat owners, lawn and garden, swimming pools, golf courses, outdoor game fields and wineries!

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Blunderbird Bird Deterrent LLC is a local, family owned and operated company. Get in touch with us today for your bird control product needs. If you're ordering it online, you'll get your product delivered quickly. All our products are made in America.

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Woodpecker Damage On Homes

Woodpeckers are known to damage siding on homes. They like to mark their territory and peck to attract mates and feed on a variety of wood-boring insects. Hang BlunderBird Deterrent from one of our wall mount or under mount brackets, or off of a branch in a nearby tree that’s within sight of the woodpecker damage to get rid of these pesty woodpeckers. Make sure the deterrent hangs 10 feet minimum above the ground to the bottom of the deterrent.

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Find out more about the advantage of using bird deterrent products on your property. Our chemical and extermination-free bird control products will definitely help you get the results you need at reasonable prices. Our products are proven to be effective against woodpeckers and geese.

Relax and enjoy your property, free of bird damage.