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Blunderbird Bird Deterrent is a local, family owned bird control service company based in Trumbull, CT. Blunderbird Bird Deterrent is a home-grown brand; a trusted name in providing excellent results when it comes to bird control. All our products are made in America. We are a humane, eco-friendly business and we don't exterminate any birds or use any chemicals. Get in touch with us today and order our bird deterrent product right away. You'll get your product delivered quickly if you're ordering it through our website. Our environmentally friendly products have proven effective against woodpeckers and geese.

About Us

The Shimmer ShakeDown is designed to deter geese and was tested for one year before putting it on the market. 

Our owner, Dan, watched the behaviors of geese for just about three years while reclaiming a beach and became familiar with the geese behavior that most people never realize. He tried multiple geese deterrents and tried to keep them off of the grass that he was growing on a private beach at a lake.
Dan got tired of moving shadow figure dogs at night and spending $300 a gallon on a spray that had to be applied every week from a backpack sprayer after cutting the grass. The geese still came on the grass and kept making a mess.
After spending time on trying different deterrents, he finally came up with the Shimmer ShakeDown which is a completely stainless steel product made to stand up to the most severe weather conditions and geographic locations.
The nice thing about the Shimmer ShakeDown is that once you hang it you don't have to move it. Geese normally move together in groups of at least ten. When they are intimidated they can group up to as many as 100 from what we have witnessed at the lake.
When Dan installed nine Shimmer ShakeDowns along a 150' piece of shoreline in the spring of 2016, the geese immediately gathered into a group of 40. They remained offshore and eventually went to the other end of the lake.
When they did come around they stayed along the shore in the water and not on land. The Shimmer ShakeDown had them distracted so that they were not comfortable enough to make a mess. Dan picked up six bags of geese droppings along the 150' of beach each day and now he rarely finds any.
Once our neighbors saw the results, they started coming to me to hang them on their property. Eventually, we had installed deterrents on close to half of the lake on one side. Before the end of the season, a beach area which didn't have deterrents had to be closed because of the bacteria levels from the geese droppings.
As we said, geese tend to group together in order to intimidate you, so you need multiple deterrents to intimidate them back. The flashing of the stainless steel and the shaking or swishing noise from the wind distract them which they don't like.
On sunny days with a nice breeze, they work the best. That is usually when you're trying to enjoy yourself. You'll find that on cloudy and breezy days that the product is also effective. When you have no wind, the Shimmer ShakeDown still reflects and the birds will easily spot the deterrent among the wooded tree line which leaves them wondering if it's a predator. In all, it's a low maintenance bird deterrent that works.
We have also designed a pole mounted system to hang deterrents from if you happen to have an open area without trees. This will work great for farms, wineries, beaches, soccer fields, golf courses, football fields, baseball fields, and large lawns; you name it.
Use Shimmer ShakeDown as a promo giveaway for clients, customers and friends by having your logo printed on one side. These special orders and proper arrangements must be made with Blunderbird Bird Deterrent.
In fall of 2016, we decided to try the Shimmer ShakeDown on several houses for customers who had woodpecker damage. We installed the deterrents in direct sight near the woodpecker damage.
The Shimmer ShakeDown succeeded in deterring the woodpeckers and our customers were able to repair their siding without having anymore return damage.
During Dan's testing of the Shimmer ShakeDown, he found that some geese and woodpeckers were more aggressive than the others. He discovered that by adding feathers to the Shimmer ShakeDown and making it appear more like a predator, these problem birds were intimidated.
We have multiple testimonials from customers around our lake those who have had great results using the Shimmer ShakeDown last season deterring both geese and woodpeckers. You can read them on my testimonial page. For more information and help, feel free to contact us.

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