Read Through the Do's and Don'ts Regarding Our Bird Control Products

Take a Look at the Important Disclosures in Relation to the Usage of Bird Deterrent Items

  • Not for use by children under age 15
  • You'll need a ladder and safety glass to install this product at your own risk by obeying all OSHA requirements
  • Don't hang the lower part of this product under 10 feet to avoid being struck by it
  • Don't hang off of any moving or stationary vehicle
  • BlunderBird is held harmless of any poor or dangerous install
  • Do not install near live electrical wires
GUARANTEED free from material and manufacturing defects and against corrosion when used as instructed.

Why Choose Our Bird Deterrent Products

  • Non-toxic
  • Safe for the environment
  • No assembly required
  • Maintenance free
  • Ideal for salt and freshwater locations

Adding the feathers will help deter more aggressive birds as they think Shimmer ShakeDown is a predator.

Blunder Bird Bird Deterrent is a humane, eco-friendly business and we don't exterminate any birds or use any chemicals. Our environment-friendly products have proven effective against woodpeckers and geese. All our products are made in America.