See What Our Customers Have to Say About Our Bird Control Products!

“Just want to tell you how empty of geese my yard has been since the Shimmer ShakeDown Bird Deterrents were put up in my trees! Geese used to come into the yard by the dozens several times a day. Before the amazing Shimmer ShakeDown Bird Deterrents, even when I ran out shouting, and my dog ran on ahead, the geese just waddled into the lake and stayed near the shore waiting for us to give up and go back into the house before climbing up onto my lawn again. Now, they don't often come near my yard, and when they do, they just mill around offshore. Once toward the end of the summer, I counted 82 geese in the inlet near my yard, but, not a single one ventured onto my property!

Thank you, Shimmer ShakeDown Bird Deterrent!”

Marjorie Freeman
Trumbull, CT

“We live on a lake and we deal with geese year-round. We have tried almost all the geese deterrents available with no positive results. A friend of ours recommended the Shimmer ShakeDown. The ShakeDown works great. The geese stay in the lake off our lawn. Now we can enjoy our backyard.


Trumbull, CT

“For many years my cedar shingled house has fallen victim to woodpecker attacks. Mostly from the "cute" little Downy Woodpecker variety. While they are "cute" looking little birds, they can cause a tremendous amount of damage to your home.

They are in search of ants and other insects underneath the cedar shingles. The problem is the only way for them to get at the insects is to eat through the shingles which cause significant damage to my house. Fixing this damage has run into the thousands of dollars to repair every five to six years, or so.

I've tried all the commonly recommended deterrents as well as other "homemade versions" that friends and contacts have recommended. None seemed to work to my satisfaction; that is until a good friend of mine told me about the "Shimmer ShakeDown" bird deterrent made by Blunder Bird.

I was skeptical that this product would work any better than the others I tried, but it did, much to my delight. It worked way better than everything else I tried. It may not be a 100% deterrent, but it's very close and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone who has a problem with tree-clinging birds (especially woodpeckers) of any kind.

I can't say how pleased I am to have found this product.”

R. Bradley
Redding, CT

“I know the original use of the product was to deter geese. Just wanted to let you know it works for another nuisance. My house siding is cedar shakes and for years we had woodpecker problems. Year after year I would repair the shakes – costing me $1000’s and countless hours over the 25+ years we have owned our home. Last year, we had Shimmer ShakeDown placed around the house or yard. Have not seen any damage since.”

Tim Doty
Monroe, CT